China Leading Door Manufacturer, Bacale Doors

Bacale Doors is one of the biggest Door manufacturers in China. Our Main Products include Steel Doors, Wood doors,PVC Doors, Fire Rated Doors. Since we start our door business in 2006. The first question was emerged. So many doors factories in China. How to compete with other China doors factories so we can survive?   And we found the answer was ...

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Our Door Machines

New distributor Join us. with over 600 square meter door store in Hainan Province.

The opening Ceremony of new distributor

one of Stores, in Yongkang city

Customer go to our distributor store

Work hard is important, But sometimes, Right choice is more important than working hard in door business. To be our door distributor in your city before others take this opportunity.You will gain huge fortune in the future.

New distributor Join us